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When someone "moved" and "second" to arrange the agenda from most important item(s) to talk first, can he/she move some items in "New Business" to any place on the agenda or just within the "New Business" only?  For example: "New Business" item D on the agenda is more important then "Unfinished Business" items A, B,C or "New Business" items A, B, C.  Hope this make sense.

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If it's important to take something up early in meeting, it can be made a special order for the meeting. You can also suspend the rules to take it up earlier or amend the agenda to move it up or take it out of order. If your agenda hasn't been adopted yet, the proposed agenda can be amended prior to adoption to take it up anywhere you want to. Everything on an adopted agenda is essentially a special or general order. 

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1 hour ago, Richard Brown said:

 Everything on an adopted agenda is essentially a special or general order. 

True, true.  Which in turn means that "New Business" is wide open for anything that members wish to bring up.

It is a misuse of the terms to speak of an agenda item being placed in New Business.

Keep in mind that  "Agenda" and  "Order of Business (OoB)" are quasi-independent concepts.   An agenda is a listing of known or anticipated business items (presumably in the form of motions, or close to it), page 371, while the OoB is the framework in which those (and other) items are placed, page 26, in a meeting. The New Business portion of the OoB is when, by definition, new items can be brought up.  They are items not on the agenda.

Click on this link for an extended discussion of this business.

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