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Quarterly review of Minutes

Sheila T

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I agree with Mr. Geiger.  There is no rule in RONR requiring a quarterly review of a corporation's minutes or of any organization's minutes.

Just out of curiosity, who is it that someone thinks should be reviewing said minutes and why?

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On 8/6/2018 at 11:41 PM, Richard Brown said:

Sheila, are you perhaps thinking of approving the corporation's minutes at least every quarter rather than reviewing them?

We are approving minutes at each subsequent meeting (when there is a quorum). Our corporation recently re-structured and has a new set of bylaws. Nowhere in the bylaws is there mentioned that we review quarterly; however, the board under the old corporation was doing it because they had it written in to their administrative policies and procedures. The new board reviewed these policies and removed those which they felt were not necessary, one of which was reviewing  minutes quarterly. Since we do our best to follow RONR in all our proceedings, I wanted to check if that was a recommendation in RONR.

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