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Absentee Voting


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My organization allows absentee voting via absentee ballot. The member requests a ballot from the secretary and meets with the secretary to fill out the ballot. The ballot is put in double envelopes and sealed with the voters signature across both flaps. The envelopes are returned to the secretary until voting day. On that day the secretary takes the first envelope, still sealed, out of the second one and checks the voters name against the rolls. Confirmed to be a valid voter the second envelope, still sealed, is given to the election tellers who open the envelope and record the ballot.

A motion has been made to have the absentee voter fill out a the ballot in front of three officers and they will all sign the envelope, second one. Our bylaws only state the first procedure to be done. Our bylaws also state the Roberts Rules will cover anything else concerning absentee voting.

Am I crazy or does this seem out of line?


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My understanding is that if the bylaws actually state how the absentee ballots are to be handled then any change in that procedure will require a bylaw change. If the bylaws had only authorized absentee voting and the details omitted, then the details could be established by a special rule of order.

Page 424 warns of potential problems when mixing votes cast by members that are present and by members that are absent. My own personal preference would be to allow a proxy to cast the vote, with instructions, so as to allow some flexibility during the voting process. Yet I dislike either of these two methods.

Wait until morning and some of our experts that are now sleeping will arrive with possibly a more accurate and refined answer.

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