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Overriding Bylaws

Guest Phil Stauffer

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You cannot override your bylaws. You can suspend a bylaw that is clearly in the nature of a rule of order by a 2/3 vote, but qualifications for office are not rules of order, and therefore cannot be suspended. More details would be needed about this process for assigning the role of president and what it means to say that the president cannot fulfill his role. Some organizations allow their presidents to remain in office despite being clearly unqualified, agents of a foreign power, at war with their own intelligence services, and spending their time tweeting angrily at their own staff in lieu of doing something resembling their job.

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2 hours ago, Guest Phil Stauffer said:

Our bylaws state a process for assigning the roll of the president.  It does not state what to do if the president cannot fulfill there role.  Can we override the bylaws by a vote of the board?

Please clarify what exactly you mean when you say that the President cannot fulfill their role. RONR provides rules for how to handle the office of the President being vacant, how to handle the President being absent from a particular meeting, or how to remove the President from office, but it is not yet clear which (if any) of these rules is applicable in the current situation.

It is not permissible to “override” the bylaws unless the rule in question provides for its own suspension or if the rule is in the nature of a rule of order (in which event, it may only be suspended for the duration of the session), but it is not yet clear that it is necessary to override anything.

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Guest Phil, I agree with my colleagues that more information would be helpful.  You might also take a look at FAQ # 20:  http://www.robertsrules.com/faq.html#20

If your president cannot or will not fulfill his duties as set out in your rules or bylaws, you have at least three options:  Change the rules (whether in the bylaws, standing rules, or whatever), discipline the president, or remove the president.  FAQ # 20 addresses removing the president.

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