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rules time of effect

Guest Kanu Bala

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For WONCA South Asia, we formulated a Bylaws for the region which is agreed by all the 8 organizations of the region. Bylaws will be placed and accepted on 13 October 2018 at WONCA Seoul Meeting. Can we hold election according to that Bylaws immediate after accepting it.

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3 minutes ago, Hieu H. Huynh said:


I agree.  For the last 10 minutes I have been searching (with utter futility) through my copy of RONR for language stating that a motion goes into effect immediately upon adoption unless there is a proviso imposing a later time.  Anyone have a citation for that? 

Ah...for the want of a CD ROM of the 11th Edition.


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Unfortunately, there may be a complication to using the standard provision in RONR which is quoted above. WONCA's Bylaws Article 24 on Amendments state that "Such amendment or amendments shall be operative from the conclusion of that Council Meeting."

It doesn't look like the Region's bylaws are an amendment to WONCA's bylaws themselves but are the region's bylaws new or an amendment to ones that already exist? If the latter, do your existing regional bylaws have the same provision?

[I was looking up who WONCA is and got carried away]

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