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Bylaw changes format


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  • Dan Honemann changed the title to Bylaw changes format
1 hour ago, Joshua Katz said:

While RONR gives illustrations, I don't take it as a rule per say. I like to use three columns: the current text, the changes shown as mark-up (strike crossed out, insertions in bold, then either highlighted or in a different color), and the text as it will appear if the amendment is adopted. 

And along the top of the three columns write out the exact text of the motion to amend, e.g., "I move to amend Article II, Section 3 by striking out the words ... and inserting these words ... ".   Or if the amendment text is long just say "Amend by inserting a new Section 4 as shown in the center column below."

It might seem to be overdoing it, but it makes it crystal clear exactly what changes are being proposed.   And makes it easy to propose amendments to any amendment text that a member is unhappy with.

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