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I resigned in early spring.  The group that I belonged to did not fill my position and another vacancy on the Board.  It is my understanding that they cannot get a quorum to have meetings. I don't think there was a quorum to hear my resignation.  Does the resignation still stand? 

Is there any case previously for a reinstatement of membership or rescind the resignation or do I have to go through the process as a new member?


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1 hour ago, Chris Harrison said:

If the question of whether to accept your resignation hasn't been put in front of the body (which is authorized to accept resignations) then you can unilaterally withdraw your resignation (RONR pp. 295-298).

I agree, and would add that if the issue of accepting your resignation could not have been acted upon due to absence of a quorum, then even if the resignation was put in front of the proper body, if that body did not have the required quorum to act upon it, I would take the position that it still has not been acted upon and can still be withdrawn.  I don't think that just putting it in front of the body is sufficient if that body did not have the authority to act on it due to lack of a quorum. Others might disagree, so stay tuned. :)

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