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What worked very well for me was to take the on-line Parliamentary Procedures course through the University of Wisconsin. Once you pass the test you can apply for membership in the NAP. Doing that course really helped and it got me excited about learning more about Robert's Rules and parliamentary procedure generally. I followed through with training through the NAP and recently earned my RP credential - it just takes lots of reading and a determination to complete the training, if you even want or need to go that far. Best of luck.

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7 hours ago, Larry said:

It’s time for me to increase my knowledge of Robert’s Rules / Parlimentary Procedure.

Can anyone recommend a good program for mastering the subject?

Thanking you in advance for your input.

Join NAP and/or AIP and also a local unit if there is one in your area. 

RONR in Brief, suggest by Mr. Huynh, is an excellent primer if you don't know anything about parliamentary procedure. However, it is very basic, and if you already have a working knowledge, you need to get the 11th edition of RONR. I also recommend Robert's Rules For Dummies by Alan Jennings. It is not a substitute for RONR, but can be an excellent help in understanding it. 

Both NAP and AIP have various educational materials available. 

Regularly reading the questions and answers on this forum can also be a big help in learning the basics ... and more! 

What is your objective? To acquire a working knowledge of parliamentary procedure for your own use?  To become really proficient? To obtain certification through one of the two national organizations (NAP & AIP)? 

One caveat: don't buy any of the cheap "knockoff" versions of Roberts Rules. Get only RONR, RONR in Brief, and maybe Robert's Rules For Dummies. If you are serious about this, you absolutely need the current version of RONR.   http://www.robertsrules.com/book.html


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Added citation to RONR at end of post & corrected typos
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Guest Who's Coming to Dinner
1 hour ago, Richard Brown said:

Regularly reading the questions and answers on this forum can also be a big help in learning the basics ... and more!

Answering questions will teach you even faster, if you don't mind Professor Kingfisher coming along every once in a while to set you straight.

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