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Correcting Minutes

Guest srb

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Yes. There is no requirement that a member must have attended the meeting in question in order to have a say in approving the minutes of that meeting. Any member who is present at the meeting at which the minutes are being approved may offer corrections to the minutes.

In addition, even after the minutes have been approved, any member, at any meeting, may offer additional corrections to the minutes in the form of a motion to amend something previously adopted.

I cannot give you a citation at the moment because I do not have access to RONR. However, I will provide you one in a few minutes unless someone else does so first

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1 hour ago, Guest Who's Coming to Dinner said:

See Reading and Approval of the Minutes
RONR (11th ed.), p. 473–475

You will not find any rule that corrections are limited to members who were present at the prior meeting. 

It is clear and explicit throughout RONR  that every member has the right to vote on every matter that comes before the assembly at a meeting at which he is present. There are very few exceptions and this is not one of them.

A search of this forum will also reveal many threads where that point is made crystal clear. A member need not have been present at a meeting in order to take part in the approval of the minutes of that meeting at a future meeting. 


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