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20 minutes ago, Transpower said:

The assembly could go into a "committee of the whole."  RONR (11th ed.), pp. 531-538.  Another option is to go into a "quasi-committee of the whole."  RONR (11th ed.), pp. 538-542/

I'm not so sure about either of these options.  As I read p. 168, it looks like there is supposed to be a (main) motion pending which is the subject of the referral.  I don't see that the OP suggested there was a (reasonably) explicit proposal to be referred.  I suppose you could treat the motion to commit as an incidental (or just plain) main motion, but that still requires at least a stated topic to be referred.

A possible way to the OP's desires is to bring the (very) general subject up under "Good of the Order", as described on p. 362.

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