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Guest Karen Mahurin

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10 minutes ago, Guest Karen Mahurin said:

if a resolution comes out of legislative committee for a vote of the membership know we can make a recommendation of "do pass"  etc., I know that our recommendation stands as the motion, does it have to be seconded.

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For those resolutions the committee has voted in favor of during the committee meetings, and the reporting member is a member of the body that is meeting, the language should be something such as "Mr. President, by direction of [or "on behalf of"] the committee, I move the adoption of the resolution just read. " (RONR, p. 515) rather than "do pass".  If the committee has more than one member serving on it, and they are members of the body that is meeting, no second is required.

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Since the motion (the recommendation phrased as "On behalf of the XXX Committee, I move that...") comes from a committee no second is needed. (No harm done if some enthusiastic member seconds anyway.)

The motion is then handled as any main motion would be.    I don't know what you mean by "do pass".  Eventually the members vote "Yes" or "No" on the question of adopting the motion.

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