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Special Called Business Meeting

Guest Brutus

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The notice of the special called business meeting stated 2 purposes:  vote on new members and discuss facility upgrades.  After the facility upgrades discussion, someone made a motion to spend several thousand dollars for a parking lot improvement.  Should the moderator have announced that the motion was out of order since the notice did not say we would be voting on the facility, or should a second to the motion have been solicited?  If the motion should have been squashed, but wasn't, and the motion passed - should the board of finance move forward with the expenditure?

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 If the parking lot improvements are outside the scope of a facility upgrade, then such a motion is out of order. If it is nonetheless adopted, it would  have been adopted illegally and would be null and void as outside the scope of notice of the special meeting. However, the motion could be ratified at a subsequent meeting.See page 124 of RONR.

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