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Undebatable Appeal

Duane Peterson

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I was appointed Chair of our associations Bylaws update committee.  Of course a major update will be the addition of being able to conduct Electronic meetings.  I have reviewed RONR sample bylaws but have a questions about item 10 wording which states in part, that the presiding officer can mute or disconnect a member and that decision is subject to an "undebatable appeal".  How is an "undebatable appeal" resolved?  Would it be different than a normal appeal?  Thank You.

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I agree with J.J.  The sample rule you're referring to is in line with what RONR itself says regarding debate on an appeal:

"Is debatable, unless it (a) relates to indecorum or a transgression of the rules of speaking; (b) relates to the priority of business; or (c) is made when an undebatable question is immediately pending or involved in the appeal."  RONR (12th ed.), 24:3 5) 


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