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39 minutes ago, Guest Sandra Bohin said:

If a person is not present at a meeting can he vote on the minutes of that meeting at the next meeting

"It should be noted that a member's absence from the meeting for which minutes are being approved does not prevent the member from participating in their correction or approval. "  RONR (12th ed.), 41:11

That said, no vote is taken on the final approval of the minutes.  After any proposed corrections are dealt with the chair declares the minutes approved without a vote.

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Yes, if the rules in RONR are controlling.  There is no  requirement that the members approving the minutes of a previous meeting actually attended the meeting.  In addition, RONR provides that the assembly only votes on corrections to the minutes.  If there are no corrections, or once all corrections have been made, the chair  simply declares that the minutes are approved. 

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