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Guest chuckandsharon@rogers.com

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2 hours ago, Guest chuckandsharon@rogers.com said:

If a non voting member of the board is attending meeting when are they allowed to speak?

Your title refers to “guest at a meeting”  but your question actually refers to non-voting members.  Assuming you do have one or more “non-voting members” Who are truly members of the body board  and are not guests, it is generally understood that if one or more rights of membership are denied to a particular class of members, that class retains all other rights of membership. See §1:4 of RONR (12th Ed.). Therefore, it seems to me that a nonvoting member would be able to debate exactly like all of the other members and would not be treated differently in that regard.

If you can provide us with more details, we might be able to help you more. You provided very little information and the information you did provide is conflicting, such as referring to this person as a guest in your title but as a nonvoting member in your actual question.

Ultimately, however, it is up to your organization to interpret its bylaws.

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