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We have a seven member board with three newly elected board members. we will reorganize the board at this months meeting. There can be a scenario where there are more than one nominations for an officer position. when it comes to vote and the one being voted on abstains, then if there is a three to three tie vote how is it decided?


Nominee A - nominee A abstains during their vote and receives a 2-4 vote with nominee B voting(did not win without majority)

Nominee B - nominee B abstains during their vote and receives a 3-3 vote with nominee A voting(tie vote no clear cut winner)

Nominee A & B both abstain and it is a 2-3 vote for nominee A and a 3-2 vote for nominee B (clear cut winner)

Do both nominees abstain from all votes or just the vote concerning them? 

Is there a preferred method of elections to avoid this?



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Agreeing with Mr. Huynh, no rule in RONR requires candidates to abstain and the may indeed vote for themselves.  However, nothing prohibits them from abstaining, either.  All members are free to abstain for any reason or for no reason at all.  If there is a tie, you keep voting until someone receives a majority or voluntarily withdraws, perhaps based on a coin toss.  It must be voluntary, however. 

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