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Whenever a particular board member votes contrarily to the president's vote, he immediately makes comments such as "what an idiotic vote," "an irrational decision," "unjustifiable," etc. Although most directors ignore those comments, those who also vote contrarily to the president (and are usually in the minority) are aware of these personal remarks and are afraid to comment for fear that they, too, will be denounced in public. What can be done? Call a point of order? Censure?

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5 minutes ago, Genesis said:

What can be done? Call a point of order? Censure?

Both making a point of order and adopting a motion of censure are appropriate.  However, an effective approach might also be to have someone whom the president respects talk with him privately about the inappropriateness of his remarks and point out that it is prohibited by RONR.  Stronger forms of discipline might be warranted.... that is a judgment call for the assembly.  The ultimate penalty would be removal from office and/or expulsion from membership.

You might take look at FAQ # 20 on the main website regarding removing officers from office prior to the expiration of their terms.

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Also see Official Interpretation 2006-2 here https://robertsrules.com/official-interpretations/#interpretations

While it might not really be discipline, suspending the rules to remove the president from presiding over a particular meeting or part of a particular meeting is sure going to feel like discipline.  I like Mr. Brown's idea of a chat with him first.  He might like that better than seeing this tried in a meeting.

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