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The forum has an achievement / badge system. Every 100th response posted by a forum member (other than a moderator or member of the RONR authorship team) earns the member an automatic "superstar" badge. (Unless a member posts a bunch of spam responses, in which case the member is likely to be flagged as a spammer, never to be heard from again.) I applied the system retroactively so that any forum member who has given 100 responses in the past 3 years has already earned this badge.

These badges have no monetary value, are for entertainment purposes only, and may be revoked or modified at any time and for any reason or no reason. If they did have any value, such value might also be diluted by the arbitrary and capricious awarding of it by a moderator to other members.

If you want to, you can manufacture a badge facsimile and wear it on a service ribbon or epaulets in your parliamentary brigade uniform, but I wouldn't recommend it (or even having such a uniform). 🙂

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The forum software has been updated again, to version Previously it was on the 4.6 series.

If you want to get some idea of what has changed in recent versions, please see https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/ and then click on the individual version tabs for each release. The major changes are listed in 4.7.0.

Note that there may be features mentioned there that are not applicable to this forum's configuration, or that have not been enabled.

On a small screen (mobile device), you may have to scroll down past the list of version numbers to see the text associated with the selected version number.

If none of this means anything to you, just keep using the forum as you have been (and please report any new problems you encounter).

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