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  1. I use Firefox, and the strikeout button appears when I edit a post. Have you tried restarting Firefox in "safe mode" (to disable add-ons) and testing it that way?
  2. Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind for when it’s time to make people mad. Of course, people who don't have the particular font in their computer won't see the same thing that the OP sees.
  3. The (virtual) flags at the RONR Forum are lowered to half-staff (or half-mast, for the sailors among us) this week in honor of the late the honorable Mr. Justice Scalia. A good example of Scalia's methods of interpreting the Constitution -- and an interesting topic of parliamentary procedure -- can be found in his concurring opinion in NLRB v. Noel Canning (starting at page 60 of the PDF), which deals with the meaning of "the Recess of the Senate" in relation to a "Session" of the Senate and the U.S. President's power to fill vacancies in office. With concurrences like this, who needs dissents?
  4. I don't see any way for me to recover it. And it's a bit disconcerting that (non-moderator) users can delete an entire topic.
  5. The other buttons in the system are labeled "Start new topic", "Reply to this topic", "Search topics", etc., so it makes more sense to refer to the subject as the topic title. ("Topic subject would seem redundant.") P.S.: I don't even need to peek at your IP address to know that the previous message was you, dammit!
  6. Thanks, Hieu. That should come in very handy. Especially since the code-editor mode seems to have vanished.
  7. I don't see it either. I guess you'll have to make some more bookmarks or keep some more browser tabs open for yourself so you can continue pointing the newbies in the right direction.
  8. Apparently not. (At least not with the nested quotation showing in the new post.)
  9. That's a good tip. Now, not having post numbers, let's see if it's possible to quote a post that has quotes.
  10. I would suggest "Topic Title", but I completely agree that that calling it "Title" is creating problems!
  11. It looks like they changed the sign-in to use display names instead of user names, so they made everyone's display name into their user names so people could at least sign in using the same information as in the past. I suppose there's a certain logic to it all.
  12. Of people who promote the right book, so we should be nice to them. ☺
  13. Oh, and welcome back, Gary! If it takes a biennial convention of parliamentarians to bring you back to the forum, then maybe we ought to have them every six months or so. Now, where is that Mountcastle fellow; we haven't heard from him in a while, either.
  14. Don't worry about cluttering the forum with too many separate topics; that's what it's here for. I think you should post more than one question in the same topic ONLY if they are interrelated, or you want to directly discuss the contrast between them.
  15. And, lest there be any further misunderstanding (and as indicated by his status popup on the message board), Mr. Honemann is still an author of the current editions of RONR and RONRIB, and there ain't nothin' he can do to change that.
  16. That is Barbara Redgrave Holloway, Authors' Agent for the Robert's Rules Association. So show some respect. :-)
  17. At first I thought it might be a good idea. But pretty soon after Edgar Guest's suggestion was posted, a member also posted a beginner's question in the Advanced Forum, so I'm not sure it matters much. I'm not opposed to it, though, as long as any rejection response from the system clearly explains that guests can post in the other forums and that anyone on the Internet (or is it only anyone with a valid email account?) can register as a member.
  18. The top of the General Discussion page already says, right above the topic list, "General discussion about Robert’s Rules of Order and parliamentary procedure. Post your questions by starting a New Topic in this forum." And the "Start New Topic" button is right underneath that. I suppose that having an indirect link to a "read this first" message might get a few more people's attention, but I wouldn't count on having people read indirectly what they're not reading when it's right in front of them.
  19. Sounds like a good idea to me. Let's see what Boss Lady says about this.
  20. I can try to find how to amend the message (if that's possible without reprogramming the code), but I am suggesting a broad interpretation of "objectionable." A message doesn't have to be offensive to be objectionable, and if it's not objectionable in some way, then there is no need for moderator action.
  21. Those who regularly post on the forums here know that new users sometimes aren't sure where or how to post their questions or follow-ups. You can help the moderators respond to such situations more quickly by using the "Report" feature to let us know about any messages that need moderation, such as duplicate posts, posts that should be in a new topic, or posts that should be in a different forum. (Don't be deterred by the message on the reporting form that says, "This form is to be used ONLY for reporting objectionable content . . .") Since only the moderators will see these reports, feel free to also make the usual replies, such as warning other users that a post is a duplicate. Thanks!
  22. As long your poetic license hasn't expired, we should be OK. Unless you've been designated the getaway driver for the next periodic heist authorized by the bank-robbing society once the 10th edition of RONR was published and the chair could no longer rule the motion out of order. Because I would say driving with an expired license with an open beer in the car is illegal for sure, but we don't give legal advice in this forum. (And don't worry, my quota for the number of sentence fragments I can post in 2015 is almost full. But watch out for run-ons!)
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