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How can you change your vote after it was taken for the next meeting

Guest Janet

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Agreeing with George, I will add that it also is improper to amend the minutes to reflect something different froim what actuially happened at the meeting. The minutes are supposed to be an accurate record of what actually happened (regardless of whether that is what should have happend or what you wish had happend).

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How to change your vote? Could you pull the minutes off consent agenda at the next meeting and make a motion to amend the minutes to change your vote?

Absolutely not. The minutes may be corrected at the next meeting, but they may not be corrupted.

You have missed your fleeting chance to change your vote.

However, if your one vote made the difference by defeating some motion, you can renew that motion at the next meeting. And if your one vote meant that something passed which you now regret, you may move to rescind that motion.

And if your one vote made no difference, what is the point in seeking to change it? And why would your individual vote have been recorded in the minutes anyway? Was this a roll-call vote?

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