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Closed Meetings

Guest douxgree

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Is it within the law to record closed sessions? Also, are minutes required for closed sessions? 

Please advise.....

Thank you

As far as RONR is concerned, the recording of meetings in not prohibited, whether they be closed or otherwise.  The rules of the organization or the assembly itself may have something different to say on the matter.  

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As for as RONR is concerned, all meetings can be 'closed' (or held in Executive Session) as only members have a right to be at a meeting.  Non-members, according to RONR, have no rights at all at a meeting and do not even have to be informed of meetings.


Statutes, or the organization's own By-laws, may say differently.  Even if a Board has a custom of allowing non-Board members to attend part, or all, of a meeting does not mean that they have to all it in the future.  As for a legal, non-parliamentary, response to this issue, you need to talk with a lawyer.


As for recording a meeting, do you mean 'recording' in the sense of a record of what occurred?  If so, then yes, Minutes should be kept for all meetings.  See pages 468-476 of RONR 11th edition for more details on Minutes, including what does and does not go into the Minutes.  If you mean recording a meeting that you want to video or audio it, then RONR will not prevent it.  However, the organization is free to create rules on the issue.

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