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Vote of nonconfidence.

Guest Dave

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RONR does not recognize a "vote of no confidence".  However, the society may adopt a motion commending or expressing disapproval of an officer's (or board member's) actions as well as a motion of censure.   An officer may also be removed from presiding at a particular meeting or even permanently.   Disciplinary proceedings concerning officers are covered in RONR in Section 62 starting on page 650,   The process for removing an officer  (or board member) varies depending on exactly  what your bylaws say about terms of office and whether they contain their own provisions for removing from office.


Edited to add:  See FAQ No. 7 for more on this topic.  http://www.robertsrules.com/faq.html#7


See FAQ No. 20 for information on removing officers and directors.  http://www.robertsrules.com/faq.html#20


Edited again to add:  As to whether your Board has the power to remove officers or directors, you need to refer to your bylaws.

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Can a board remove a member of the board with a vote of nonconfidence?


A vote of "no confidence"  does nothing beyond expressing a lack of confidence.   It does not remove anybody from office.  Whether your board has the power to remove its own members is something only your by laws can answer.  The answer is usually "no" because the membership elected the board members, and presumably only the membership  can remove them.  But your bylaws may vary.

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