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Missed deadline

Guest Patricia

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Basically you guys messed up. Does that mean you need to lock the doors? No.. Things happen. Fix it ASAP as Dr Stackpole has suggested. You can't unring the bell once its been rung. All you can do is the best you can as soon as possible to come into compliance with your rules. That said, make sure you follow all your notice requirements in your bylaws and in RONR that you need to and make sure you have a quorum there for the elections. Follow the rules as best you can outside of having missed the dates.

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Well it was actually the President that messed up and didn't ask for votes for the nominating committee. How do we go about getting the nominating committee elected? Executive committee?

You must follow whatever procedure is required in the bylaws for selecting the nominating committee.  If the bylaws say it is to be elected by the general membership, you cannot shortcut that process by having the executive committee do it. 


I see three options: 


One is to elect the nominating committee at your next meeting and then have the elections at the following meeting.


Another is to just take nominations from the floor and conduct the elections at the next meeting.


A third option is to have one or two special meetings for the purpose of electing the nominating committee or conducting the elections or both.

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