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In a school board meeting this evening, I came to the meeting after the closed door Executive session, but before the Public meeting had started.  I requested in writing (as requested) to make a public comment on an issue and was told that I would be unable to do so because Robert's Rule of Order did not allow for scheduling any public comment after the closed door Executive session had started even though the Executive Session was not open to the public.  My request to make a comment in the Public meeting.   The Executive Session started 1/2 hour prior to the Public session and there was no public posting that the request for public must be made prior to the start of the executive session. 

From what I understand about Robert's Rules this has nothing to do with Robert's Rule of Order, but rather appears to be with limiting public comment.

Could someone advise if I am out of bounds on this?

Please copy chuck@stogner.net.



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I agree with Chris Harrison.  There is no such rule in RONR, but RONR also doesn't allow non-members (guests, members of the public, etc) to speak at a meeting without the permission of the assembly.


It is quite common for public bodies, including school boards, to require members of the public who want to speak to sign in at some point, often prior to the start of the meeting.  My own school board has such a rule.


Any such procedure would be in their rules, in the state open meetings (sunshine) laws, or in their own customs.  It certainly is not in RONR.  Anybody who told you that is mistaken.

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