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There is no way to vote against a candidate except to vote for someone else.   So if the candidate receives one vote, and there are no votes for opposing candidates, it is impossible not to get a 2/3 vote.


Also, where did this 2/3 requirement come from?  RONR requires only a majority vote.

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What happens when a candidate runs unopposed and does not receive 2/3 vote?

For starters, if a candidate is unopposed and the bylaws do not require a ballot vote, the chair should simply declare the candidate elected by acclamation. There is no need for a vote.

If a ballot vote is required by the bylaws, the only way to vote against the candidate is to vote for someone else. It is not proper to simply vote "no" in an election voted on by ballot, and such votes are treated as abstentions. A member could, however, cast a write-in vote for someone else. Finally, the ordinary requirement for election is a majority vote, not a 2/3 vote.

Because of these reasons, the situation you're describing is extremely unlikely. If an unopposed candidate fails to achieve the required vote for election, however, the proper course of action is to take another round of balloting, just as in any case where no candidate attains the required vote for election. The assembly might wish to reopen nominations, which requires a majority vote.

RONR requires only a majority vote. However, many organizations have a rule which says that a plurality shall elect. This is inadvisable, but is quite common.

I have also seen organizations which require greater than a majority vote to elect (such as a 3/5 vote or 2/3 vote), apparently because they decided that elections weren't lengthy enough already. :)

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