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Allow a guest to speak

Guest Lynn

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Whether, and for how long, the guest can speak is up to the assembly (the members present). If there's a difference of opinion, take a vote. Majority rules.


In fact, it's up to the assembly whether the guest can even attend the meeting in the first place.


In RONR-Land, guests (i.e. those who aren't members of the body that is meeting) have no parliamentary rights.


(But guests are always welcome on this forum.)

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And the guest can be seated wherever the Assembly chooses.  If it's a membership meeting, then perhaps on the front row.  If the guest is making a presentation at a membership meeting, then perhaps at the head table.


At a Board or Committee meeting, perhaps the member can sit at the table.


Of course, non-members have no rights whatsoever as Edgar as already mentioned.  It is entirely up to the group meeting to decide everything about a non-member at a meeting.

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