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Resolution en masse

Guest S. Beaulieu

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Agreeing with Mr. Huynh -


" If a single composite proposal for taking a number of actions in reference to a particular subject has too many elements to be conveniently written into one resolution (even of several clauses), it can be set forth in a series of separate resolutions that can be numbered and offered by means of a single main motion, thus: "Mr. President, I move the adoption of [or "I offer"] the following resolutions: ..." Such a series of resolutions can include orders as described above. In the case of a series of resolutions relating to a single subject, if members desire one or more of the resolutions to be considered separately, the motion for Division of a Question (27) must be made and adopted by a majority vote. Sometimes a series of independent resolutions relating to completely different subjects is offered by a single main motion in the same way. In the latter case—where the subjects are independent—any resolution in the series must be taken up and voted on separately at the demand of a single member. Such a demand can be made even when another has the floor, at any time until the vote has been taken on adopting the series. A member wishing to make this demand rises and says, for example, "Mr. President, I call for a separate vote on Resolution No. 2."" RONR (11th ed.), p. 110.

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