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11 hours ago, Guest Cahela said:

Can the chairman of the board of a non-profit organization also be the president?

RONR contains no prohibition on it.  Such a prohibition would have to be in your bylaws.  It is not uncommon for both positions to be held by the same person.

11 hours ago, Guest Cahela said:

Also, do they have voting privileges?

If he is a member, yes, he can vote.  Members can vote.  Non members cannot vote.  See FAQ # 1, cited above by Mr. Tesser, regarding when the president votes.

Edited to add:  Note that the prohibition on voting applies only to the presiding officer.  If they are two different people, the one not presiding can vote just like everyone else.   Also, pay attention to the distinction mentioned in the answer to FAQ No. 1 about the presiding officer voting in small boards.

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