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Switching positions


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If a party were to "wear" two (or three, or four) "hats", such as:

(a.) officer

(b.) member of the board

(c.) X Committee chair

. . . then, in theory, the party could resign from one of his positions, and retain the balance of his positions.


Beware that some positions are tied together so that, to lose Position P1, you must simultaneously lose Position P2.

• Some organizations are structured to empower the general membership to elect officers and to elect other directors of the board. (This is typical.)

• Some organizations are structured to empower the general membership to ONLY elect the board, and the board members, in their first meeting, actually do the electing of each office. (See HOAs, for this common structure.)

So, for some organizations, to step down from Position P1 does imply that that Position P2 is lost concomitantly.

For other organizations, to step down from Position P1 does not imply that the balance of the other positions held are lost. -- There being two elections, separated by time, and separated by the body responsible.

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One other question:  Was the president already a member of the board when he was selected president or was he elected to the office of president by the membership?   If he was already a board member, and then the board selected him to be president, then he can most likely resign as president and remain on the board as a member.  I say "most likely" because we haven't seen your bylaws.  But, if he was elected president by the general membership, and is on the board by virtue of being president, then if he resigns as president his membership on the board would most likely terminate also.  We really cannot answer your question specifically without more information as to how (and by which body) your officers are selected.

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So, in addition to what others have said:  with regard to this question --

18 hours ago, Data2017 said:

What are the rules in having one of the boards members step down to lower position

-- there are way too many to write out here.  That's partly why Robert's Rules is more than 800 pages long.  Data2017, if you have a specific situation that you want to ask about, we here on the world's premier Internet Parliamentary Forum can probably help you.  We are the Don Corleones of the internet parlaimentary forum.  (Some might dispute that.)

Otherwise, you might get your own copy of RONR, read it, and answer your questions yourself; for that matter, you might just come back some day soon to the world's premier parliamentary forum and start answering questions yourself, so maybe guys like Richard and Hieu and Kim can take a couple days off and go fishing in West Virginia or something.

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