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Initial motion

Andy Travis

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10 hours ago, Kim Goldsworthy said:


What kind of motion is this "initial motion"?

Like, if it were you, you would gain the attention of the presiding officer (like maybe gently slapping your adorable pudgy ruddy cheek a couple times till the chair muttered "Huh, wha [speaking Californian]? -- oh, that's me"), rise, and address the assembly, saying, ~"Your presiding officer ("Huh, wha [speaking Californian]? -- oh, that's me") is pleased to move KG."~ Analogously, I, as a New Yorker, would jump up, shove the currently speaking member out the nearest window, gain the attention of the presiding officer by stabbing my left eye out with a howitzer, and say, "If it please Her Majesty, I, her obedient servant, move GcT" (note no quasi-quotes:  this has gotta be verbatim.  It's New York.).  Former US President George W. Bush would say ~"Wull, y'all know 'A''s golburn mobal, mobal, mobal, um, mobaloni, GWB "~.  Former US president Hussein Barack Hussein Hussein Hussein Hussein Obama Hussein hereby sign this Executive Order shoving Goldsworthy and Tesser out the nearest window, but it's legal, because drones will do it.  And some day maybe I'll figure out what current US president Trump would say if I could ever figure out whatever he says because I can't make heads or tails of that impenetrable Queens accent.

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