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Citation in RONR [11th ed.] for RONR [10th ed.], p. 466, l. 11-14


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11 minutes ago, melehundele said:

I came upon a citation for RONR[10th ed.], p. 466, l. 11-14 in the Official Interpretation 2006-13   COUNTERMANDING BOARD ACTION.  Can anyone tell me the corresponding citation within RONR [11th ed.]?

Thank you in advance!

RONR, 11th ed., p. 483, ll. 9-13.

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12 minutes ago, Richard Brown said:

Well, shucks.  Mr. Honemann beat me to it by four minutes.  Maybe he had his 10th edition handy.  It took me a minute to find mine.  But, at least we came up with the same citation. :)

Well the 2FP Happy Hour hasn't started yet (but soon), so he's really not preoccupied right now. :)

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