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Officer Removal


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can anyone give me a sample of how the by laws (or constitution)  should read if we were to add a section about removing officers. Our officers are elected ....we want to add something so we could remove an officer that is not performing their duties

This is what our by-laws say now: The elective officers of this Federation shall be a president, a first and second vice-president and a treasurer, all of whom shall be elected by ballot, unless there is but a single nomination for each office, at the annual meeting of the Federation, and shall serve for one year.  Each officer may be re-elected once except for the treasurer who may be re-elected as often as feasible. 

Any help in this matter would be appreciated greatly

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If RONR has been adopted as your parliamentary authority, you do not need any special language about removing from office.  As Mr. Huynh pointed out with his reference to FAQ No. 20, if your bylaws provide that officers serve for "X years or until  their successors are elected", an officer can be removed from office with or without cause.  In addition, the chapter on discipline (Chapter XX), provides a method of removing officers for cause.

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