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My organization has a Foundation that is to remain separate. We have suspended our meetings to allow the Foundation to make a report. The Secretary does not record any information from that report. Is this handled correctly? Or should the Foundation not report at all? I know of another organization that does not allow their Foundation to make reports. If members want to know what’s going on, they are encouraged to attend the Foundation’s meeting. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!!

Your help is greatly appreciated, 

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There is no need to "suspend the meeting" to hear a report; besides the concept of "suspending a meeting" is not found in RONR, unless you had a brief recess in mind.  But with a recess, the members are not obliged to stay around, which, I suppose, defeats the purpose of having the report given in the first place.

Whether keeping a Foundation and your association "separate" and what it may mean, is probably a legal issue anyway  --  we don't do "legal" here.

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