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"A meeting enters into executive session only when required by rule or established custom, or upon the adoption of a motion to do so. A motion to go into executive session is a question of privilege (Section 19), and therefore is adopted by a majority vote. "  RONR (11th ed.), p. 95

If the meeting is to resume without being in executive session a motion adopted by majority vote or unanimous consent to end the executive session portion will do the job as well.

You should read RONR (11th ed.), pp. 95-96 for the entire brief passage on executive sessions.

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29 minutes ago, SaintCad said:

Can it be amended or qualified to be "I move to go into executive session to discuss the surprise party for Billy." and thus automatically resume the regular session once that topic is disposed of?

I suppose it could. But since the motion to go into executive session would  be made before the executive session begins, how do you propose to keep the party a surprise?

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