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Appointing "temporary officers" to make a quorum

Guest Joe D

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Guest Joe D., your organization does have options other than just packing up and going home, in the absence of a quorum.  RONR expressly permits the following actions in the absence of  a quorum. 

1.  Recess.  That time can be used to wait for late arrivals  or to contact absent members.

2.  Take action to obtain a quorum.  This would normally involve calling absent members in an attempt  to get them to come to the meeting.

3.  Fix the time to which to adjourn.  In semi-layman's language, that means set an adjourned meeting, which can be, for example, later the same day, the next day, same time next week, etc.  It can be any time before your next regular meeting.  An adjourned meeting is technically a continuation of the same session.  It is not the same thing as a special meeting and although no notice need be given, it is usually a very good idea to give notice since the object is to get more members to attend so you can take care of necessary business.  An example of such a motion would be, "Mr. Chairman, I move that we adjourn until 7 pm tomorrow night at the clubhouse". 

4.  Adjourn.  In that case, whatever was planned for this meeting can be taken up at the next meeting or, if the situation is rather urgent,  a special meeting can be called.

In addition, if emergency action is really necessary, such as repairing the damage caused by burst water pipes or a tree falling through the clubhouse roof, those members present can vote to take whatever action they deem necessary and then hope that the membership ratifies the action at the next quorate meeting.  The members voting to take such action do so at their own risk, however, as the society has no obligation to ratify their actions. 

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