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President of board appointed committee

Guest Sandi

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And a request for precision, Sandi ...

When you say "appointed a special committee", do you mean established AND appointed ( 'appointed' means "named people to the committee"),  or either one, or both?

Does the president have the authority to do either or both?  That would have to be in the bylaws (or in a motion establishing the committee and empowering the president to name its members)?

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Guest Sandi, to properly answer your question, we really need more information as mentioned by the previous responses.  Knowing what your bylaws say about the creation of committees and the powers of the president is necessary for properly answering your question.

I would add, though, that even if the president has no authority to create (or to disband) an official committee to draft new bylaws, he is perfectly free to collaborate with anyone or any group of people he wants to for help in drafting a new set of bylaws which he intends to submit or to get someone to submit on his behalf.  He can call this group whatever he wants to:  "my advisors", "my committee", "my cohorts in crime", or whatever, but this group of people is not an official committee of the organization unless the bylaws give him the authority to create it.  He and a group of fellow members are still free to meet over drinks at Joe's bar to discuss whatever aspect of club business they want to.... just as you are free to do the same.

That is, after all, probably how coups and takeovers are usually hatched.  :)

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