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2/3 Vote Does That Include President


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Unless your rules say otherwise, a two thirds vote means two thirds of those present and voting. However, in the scenario you present, three in favor and two against is only a 3/5 vote which is less than a 2/3 vote. (3/5 = 9/15, whereas 2/3 = 10/15). So whether five or six votes are cast, a 2/3 vote is still 4. 

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19 hours ago, Shawn said:

We are a small board, total of 6 members including the President. If a 2/3 vote is required on a particular issue, do we figure the President in the count? For example, 2/3 of 6 people would be 4 but if we do not count the President then it would only be 3 votes (2/3 of 5 people).

Whether you achieve a 2/3 vote or not depends not only on how many people voted Yes, but also how many voted No.  If there are twice as many (or more) Yes votes than No votes, a 2/3 vote has been achieved. So a vote of 4-2 would be a 2/3 vote, but a vote of 3-2 would not be.  Now, if two people abstained, a vote of 3-1 would be.

If the rules in RONR apply, the president's vote is not treated any differently from anyone elses.  Under small board rules, the president would vote normally, along with other members.

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