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Ex-Officio also holding a Board position

Deb Parm

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Our bylaws state "the International President shall automatically become an Ex-Officio to the International Board of Directors for not ore than two years immediately following the expiration of her term as International President".  The bylaws do not state whether or not she has a vote on the Board of Directors.

Our Corporate Manual states "The Immediate Past President acts as an Ex-Officio member to the International Board of Directors during the term of the International President who follows immediately after her term as International President."  It also states "She is a non-voting member of the Executive Committee and the Finance Committee."  The Corporate Manual classifies the Immediate Past President as an Advisor to the Board.

I have two questions on this subject:

1) Can the Immediate Past President vote on issues to come before the board.  I understand she has no vote on the Executive or Finance Committees.

2) Can she also be elected to an open position on the board?  She would be a regular Board Member and the Immediate Past President.


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