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by law readings

Guest michelle

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I am not so sure about this. Consider the following:

[Zev] Mr. Chairman.

[Chairman] Mr. Zev is recognized.

[Zev] Mr. Chairman, I move that the reading of the proposed bylaws be dispensed with.

Question: Is such a motion legitimate, and if adopted is it possible that either a founding document or a bylaw revision could be adopted without it ever being actually read? I get the impression that such a thing is possible, yet perhaps not the smartest thing in all cases.

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2 hours ago, Guest michelle said:

how many readings should there be before adopting a new set of by-laws?


Michelle, are you perhaps thinking of state legislatures and local governments which have a "1st Reading" and a "2nd reading" and sometimes a "3rd Reading" of a proposed law before it is voted on?  In those situations, although the rules might call for 1st reading, 2nd reading, etc, in practice the actual reading of the proposed law is dispensed with and it is read by title only. It is exceedingly rare that the entire proposed legislation is actually read out loud in its entirety.

Just playing a hunch here, I suspect you are thinking of a proposed bylaw amendment (or a complete revision or a first set) being proposed at one meeting and then voted on at the next meeting.  In practice, the actual proposed bylaw amendment (or the whole  set) is often never read aloud in its entirety if it has been distributed in writing to the members.

Please clarify just what you mean by your question.

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