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Tableing a motion

Guest Curtis Dreher

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Well, not quite. First, the motion is usually out of order, but I'll proceed on the assumption that it is in order. Third, the motion is not debatable, but it still needs to be voted on - the motion is not laid on the table simply because someone wants to, but rather because the assembly has decided to do so (in response to a pressing matter that has arisen, or for the purpose of laying on the table one or a series of motions in order to reach a motion that should be considered first. The motion, however, is commonly misused to kill a motion without debate, and if that is the purpose, the chair should rule the motion to lay on the table out of order.

A motion laid on the table may be removed by a majority vote during the same meeting or the next meeting if within a quarterly time period, by the way. After that, it is dead and would be made anew. (However, it's not much work to make it anew - the main point here is that certain other main motions are out of order during the time the motion remains laid on the table.)

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1 hour ago, Guest Curtis Dreher said:

When a motion is made to table an agenda item, is discussion stopped and the motion tabled?


First, read FAQ #12, which will explain why the motion to Lay on the Table is rarely needed, and hence seldom in order.

Second, one is needed.  A second, that is.  A second is needed, presuming the motion was properly made, and is in order.

Third, a majority vote is required to adopt the motion.

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