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Executive Board Position restrictions

Guest Marie

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Are there any restrictions to relationships for Executive Board members, such as couples (married or dating), not being allowed to run for or fill two of the Executive Board positions? We have a board of about 20 people and the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer make up the Executive Board. It would seem unethical to have couples fill more than one of four Executive positions and I would like to know if there is anything referencing this in Robert's Rules of Order. Thank you.

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As Dr. Stackpole stated, your organization is free to pass bylaws amendments prohibiting the practice, but odds are that if you do, you will be back here in a few months asking how to get around that rule for a very important emergency, and we will have to give you the bad news.

RONR does not prohibit the practice, presumably because it presumes that if the members are bothered by close family members serving together, they will not vote close family members into office together.  It may or may not be a valid concern, which the voters will determine.

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