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How long are meeting minutes kept? Can they ever be destroyed?

Guest Roxanne

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5 hours ago, jstackpo said:


If you have a lack-of-storage problem that you can attribute largely to the minutes, I'll bet you are putting far too much into those minutes -- see RONR, page 468ff, for the minimum essential content of minutes: "what was done, not what was said".  The rest is dross.

Does the book actually say forever?  Oh and I suppose you don't have any issues keeping all 481 million pages in substantial books or binders in your basement, right?  :)

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Since they are a record of the business transacted by the organization I would think they would need to be kept for all eternity.  Like me wanting to read a copy of the Washington Post from the day I was born a member may want to read the minutes from the day of the organization's birth.

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Geez. Even tax records don't have to be kept that long!

7 hours ago, jstackpo said:

Yeah, but it is a political organization.  Probably not enough.

🤣 😉

From our State Statute: " An electronic or paper copy of all meeting minutes shall be available to the unit owners for at least 3 years after the date of the meeting."

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