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Vote not to do something

Guest Karen

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36 minutes ago, Guest Karen said:

I was just using picnic as an example.  There is an activity that can be an annual effort that we can elect to do or not to do.  The motion is to not do it.  How does one say “let’s not do the activity on this year”?

If you can elect to do it or not, a motion not to do it is out of order. If someone wants to do it, he can move to do it, and you can vote the motion down. Or you can do nothing, since not taking any action will lead to no activity happening.

If inaction will lead to it happening (such as a rule that says that, unless the board decides otherwise, there shall be an annual whatever), then the motion would be to cancel the event.

The rules do not allow you to choose between positive and negative phrasing in most cases, among other reasons, because having that choice would change the meaning of a tie vote, and there would be a race as to how to phrase the motion.

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16 minutes ago, Guest Karen said:

In this case, a decision needs to be made of whether or not to conduct membership intake.  A process to do so is outlined in the bylaws.

What do the bylaws establish as a default - i.e. if no motion is made, what will happen? If the intake will happen, then the committee should recommend to cancel it. If no intake will happen, the committee should recommend in its report not conducting an intake, but should not make a motion.

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