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Proper way to amend motions in small boards?


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5 minutes ago, simplysimon1 said:

Once a main motion is made, can someone else amend the motion?  I used to think so, now I'm questioning myself.

Once a main motion has been made and second and stated by the chair, it is in the control of the assembly and is susceptible to debate and amendment.  Any member may propose an amendment.  The person who made the original motion has no control over the motion once it is before the assembly and has no more say in what happens to it than does any other member, although the member who made the motion may ask permission of the assembly to withdraw it.  It's up to the assembly whether to grant that permission.

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Awesome.  Thank you for the quick  response Richard Brown.  Do you by chance have an RONR reference I can use to refer too.  I'm new to the city council and would like to present some sort of evidence to an in experienced board and clerk.  Googling just isn't much help concerning this topic.  Looks like it's time to purchase a copy of RONR.

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