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Special meeting notice requirements

Guest Joe

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Elaborating upon the response by Mr. Harrison, if special meetings are permitted by your bylaws but the amount of notice is not specified, RONR provides on page 91 that the notice  “must be sent to all members a reasonable number of days in advance.” It is up to the members of your organization to determine what is reasonable under the circumstances. The notice must also specify the items of business to be brought up at the  special meeting.

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On 12/29/2019 at 1:26 AM, Guest Joe said:

If your bylaws do not state how much notice has to be given or what must be on notice of meeting. What rule applies?. 


Ex we had one special meeting with three hours notice . on notice did not include topics

Presuming your bylaws authorize special meetings at all: 

It's hard to imagine how three hours could be construed as a "reasonable number of days". 

Also, if the topics to be discussed were not included in the call of the meeting, no topics could be properly discussed during the meeting, so perhaps the lack of notice was not as critical as it seems, since no business could properly be conducted anyway.



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