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how to remove the treasure from office who admits to misappropriation of chapter funds

Guest jon baskin

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37 minutes ago, Rob Elsman said:

Surely, the society had bonded the treasurer.  I think the bonding company should make good on the bond, and it would be up to the bonding company to try to recoup the loss, best it could.


21 minutes ago, Weldon Merritt said:

Certainly they should have done so. I am not so willing to assume that they did do so.

I agree with Mr. Merritt.  It has been my experience that the vast majority of organizations do not require that the treasurer be bonded.   As to getting the organization's money back, I think that can be done if it can be proven that the money in the organization's bank account was indeed the organization's funds and not the funds of the treasurer.  However, it may be necessary to consult with or retain a tax expert, accountant or attorney to do that.

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