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Motion to Amend Agenda

Sharon Link

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The specifics of what these labels mean will be in your rules. Also, if you are subject to any public meeting laws, they will override what is in RONR. However, to the extent the rules in RONR control:

While the agenda is pending for adoption, a motion to amend it will require a majority vote.

After it has been adopted, a motion to amend it will require a 2/3 vote, or a majority of the entire membership voting in the affirmative. Theoretically, previous notice and a majority vote would work too, but I don't see how that's practical in this case.

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2 hours ago, Sharon Link said:

What is the procedure to move an action item from a Second Reading, to a First Reading . . . . 

The terms “action item” and “first reading, second reading”, etc are alien to RONR in the sense that RONR does not discuss them at all. The use of such terms must be defined in your own rules or by your own assembly.  RONR makes no distinction between an “action item“ and any other motion. Also, there is no requirement that an a motion be read or considered at more than one meeting. 

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