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Can the Board move the Nominations deadline up from previously announced without notifying membership?

Randall Jackson

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On 12/16/2022 at 1:40 PM, Randall Jackson said:

We have a member who wants to move the deadline for Nominations from April meeting to January meeting.  Thus, ending any further nominations for the office.  

And how does the member propose to do that?  If only one member wants it, why is it even being discussed?

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Agreeing with the previous responses, I have an additional question:  Is the April meeting the meeting at which the election will take place, or does the election take place at a later meeting? 

Aside from that, a rule regarding nominations, even if in the bylaws, is in the nature of a rule of order and may be suspended unless the rule is in the bylaws and makes being nominated in a certain way or at a certain time a qualification for being elected or holding office.

As Mr. Elsman pointed out, RONR provides that nominations are in order at the meeting at which the election will take place.  Additional nominations from the floor should also be permitted after the nominating committee makes its report (if there is one).  RONR also provides that votes for eligible people not formally nominated must be accepted unless you have a rule to the contrary whenever the vote is by ballot or roll call vote.  If voting is by ballot, this would be a "write-in" vote.  If by roll call, it would of course be verbal.  RONR (12th ed.) 45:18 & 46:2.

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What if the Board was accepting nominations from the general membership to help them fill a vacancy (resignation) and posted a deadline (date only, no time specified) to receive submissions. Yet, conducted the election before the deadline had passed (which I would assume is 11:59 pm) on the specified date. Is this election deemed invalid?

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Post deleted and re-posted in the new thread Guest Jamie started with the same question.

I deleted my answer here because this is an old thread and Guest Jamie re-posted his or her question as a new topic.  Since this is an old thread, I think it is best to post our answers in the new thread.  The fact situations are different.  I re-posted my response, with a couple of edits, in the new thread.

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Deleted answer and re-posted it in the new thread started by the OP
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