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If the rules were not suspended before the non-member made the motion, then was seconded by a director.  Is that motion legal under RRO?

Well, "legal" isn't a word we throw around much.  It would not be in order, and the chair should not allow it. 


But if the chair did allow it, any member could raise a point of order that it shouldn't be allowed.


But if nobody raised a point of order, and they went ahead and debated it and voted on it, then it's a no-harm-no-foul situation.

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It is an international club that only has its membership meetings twice a year on the east coast of the US.  Out of maybe 150-200 members only 12 members attended, of the twelve,  3 were directors (there are actually 8), and one guest. There was no mention that the other directors were contacted via phone or by email.  Members, like myself, just got these April 12 minutes a few days ago.


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There is no time limit, presuming we are not talking about the motion to reconsider - p. 315.


Just as long as the next meeting is a new "session" - p. 81 - the identical (defeated) motion can be made again as soon as that next meeting comes around.


Or you can bide your time as you accumulate supporters for just as long as you want to hold off.


So you could say that the minimum time you must wait is the time until the next meeting/session; the maximum is forever.


If someone tells you something different, ask that person to show you the written rule he is asserting.

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