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Voting for personal gain

Guest Vincent Praino

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Can a board vote to have the organization pay for the uniforms they wear if the board members voting will get the free uniforms which are valued at approximately $30.00 each?


See FAQ #9.

There is a bit more to it than that, though.  A member MAY vote when he and others will benefit from the motion.  Here is the language from pages 407-408:


"VOTING ON QUESTIONS AFFECTING ONESELF. The rule on abstaining from voting on a question of direct personal interest does not mean that a member should not vote for himself for an office or other position to which [page 408] members generally are eligible, or should not vote when other members are included with him in a motion. If a member never voted on a question affecting himself, it would be impossible for a society to vote to hold a banquet, or for the majority to prevent a small minority from preferring charges against them and suspending or expelling them (61, 63)."

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